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I was always very much attracted to metros and subways- all over the world, in each and every city I lived in or visited - the subways were always on my “must see” list.

I got extremely inspired by the metro in Amsterdam one year ago, when I made my first “URBAN WONDERLAND” picture and since then metros have become my daily life, I joyfully photograph there for many projects and every time I go there it does really feels like an amazing adventure the metro sucks me into…

The metro is a world of its own, it has a smell of it’s own, a temperature of it’s own, light of it’s own, it’s own time, speed and even socially vivid underground spirit.

URBAN WONERDLAND is a land where you can choose the nature of your own journey through the carriage that you chose.

Sometimes I had to wait for a right metro for two minutes, sometimes for two hours, sometimes I just asked random people to pose and sometimes I had particular idea to be expressed.

At the end of the day I realized that people have to choose themselves.

The concept of URBAN WONDERLAND does not discriminate. It does not matter if its a day or night time, doesn’t matter what gender or skin tone they are, it doesn't even matter what they do in life, we all tend to surround themselves with little imaginary worlds.

Most of my photographs are taken while the carriages are underground. I chose to use high ISO and no flash lights, so that the dark metros are colored with a beautiful warm yellow light.

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